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Bone Broth for Mother and Baby

Homemade bone broth with mushrooms and greens - the ultimate cure-all. My husband was feeling fluey on Sunday so I gave him a bowl of this and he woke up Monday with the cough gone. He says it was a good night's sleep.... I maintain it was the broth 🍵


During my pregnancy I made a batch of bone broth every week to add to soups, bolognaise and sauces. It elevates every dinner, making the most slap-dash dish taste delicious,  even if you only have 10 minutes.

From a nutritional point of view, bone broth is rich in glycine which is ‘conditionally essential’ during pregnancy. Why?  When you are with child, your demand for glycine outstrips the amount your body naturally makes. Therefore more of this amino acid must be obtained from food. It’s  required for protein synthesis in the foetus, and is almost certainly a limiting factor for foetal growth.

Seal the Gut, Bust Cellulite

Broths are also well-known gut-healers – and for babies ‘gut-sealers.’ Babies naturally have a ‘leaky’ gut until their digestive tract matures. The gelatin in bone broth will help speed up this sealing process, giving infants a robust stomach and immune system.

Finally, you can help protect your body from stress and toxins by adding this simple brew to your diet. Many substances, including environmental toxins and food preservatives are processed through the body’s glycine pathway, so getting more of this essential amino acid will help keep you clean. Glycine can also help regulate blood sugar, boost energy and fight fatigue – as well as improve sleep quality according to the Japanese Society of Sleep Research.

Final word… it can also help bust cellulite thanks to being rich in bioavailable collagen. See ya later mum bum.

Bone Broth, The Perfect First Food

So back to the bub, when is the right time to introduce bone broth?

I began just prior to 4 months. I wanted to feed Ajax bone broth for a week, to prepare his digestive system for solids. I’d like to say that he loved bone broth from the start, but the truth is, it took a little getting used too. After he refused the first 80ml bottle, I tried again, this time with 50 ml and 30ml of homemade goat formula – see separate blog.

Now, at 7 months, he loves! He grabs the bottle with both hands and really goes for it.

bone broth

Adding broth to pureed vegetables is another easy way to slip in the superfood. I started by adding approximately 70ml to Ajax first foods – sweet potato, pumpkin and beetroot which are easy to digest.

For me, making broth is an absolute must-do each week. All you need is a chicken, stock pot and 2 tbsp apple cider vinegar – see recipe here.I tend to freeze half the brew in ice-cubes for baby and keep the rest in the fridge for me.

My favourite mid-week broth-meal is Salmon Miso Raman. Simply add buckwheat noodles, miso, ginger, onions, and a wild salmon steak… and you have a speedy bowl of goodness for when you are bone tired.





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