Interested in a Nutritional Consultation?

I am now seeing clients at Floralia Wellness in Chelsea Village, Nedlands, between 8-12pm Tuesdays.

To book an appointment click on the above link, call Floralia on (08) 6468 8149 or feel free to email to find out more about how I work: [email protected]

For those living outside of Perth I also offer zoom consultations.

As a Nutritionist (DipION) I work with both children and adults to optimise their health through diet and lifestyle changes.

There is so much confusion around food today and I help you cut through the conflicting advice so you can feel confident that you’re nourishing yourself and your family in a way that’s sustainable and affordable.

For some clients I might use lab tests to identify missing vitamins and minerals for others the focus will be on food; creating a program that fits in with their busy schedule and stops them craving sugar.

Laura has been fantastic at guiding me through the confusion around nutrition during pregnancy, leaving me confident I really am doing the best for my baby and me. My pregnancy has been going wonderfully so far; I don’t doubt that I have Laura to thank for a big chunk of it. I always look forward to our sessions and the new advice, research and yummy recipes she has in store for me!

– Alice College

Here are some of the areas I cover:

  • Prenatal nutrition. How to prepare your body for baby. Did you know that choline and iodine might be just as important as folate during pregnancy, according to the latest science? Along with foods and supplements I also talk through ways you can reduce your exposure to chemicals/toxins in the home. I also offer functional lab tests to detect any deficiencies.
  • Weaning programs. Confused about whether to start with baby-led weaning, and portion sizes? I’ll help you create weekly programs your baby will LOVE. See packages below.
  • Nourishing Mums I understand how hard it is to eat well when you’re doing everything one-handed and are running on next to no sleep. But it can be done and convenience is key. Let’s talk!
  • Simple Recipes that only require 2 or 3 ingredients and take 10 minutes to make.
  • Gut Health. Did you know that stress and lack of sleep can affect the balance of bacteria in your gut? Or that when you’re pregnant, your bacteria helps to set up your newborns immune response? I talk through foods to nourish your inner ecosystem and banish bloating and discomfort.

How I work
I work with clients one-on-one (women, children and men!)  in clinical settings or, in the case of children and new mothers, in your own home. I believe it’s possible to get to the bottom of health issues and rediscover your energy within 1-6 sessions.  Whether it’s skin issues, gut problems, advice on the right supplements for kids or a bespoke meal planner for your fussy toddler  I would love to hear from you.

I also have a black book of experts and functional medical doctors which I can share with you regarding everything from sleep issues to vitamin injections. Lack of time is a real challenge for many of us and  I have devised time (and money) saving options to get you through a busy period without compromising your health; I can also help set you up with healthy food delivery options if required.

Email [email protected] for a free 15 minute chat to discuss further. Prices from $130 for a one hour child and teen consultation.

I have led workshops in private, corporate and retail settings including for the employees of WarnerMedia and Dropbox.