Healthy Food Delivery for Babies and Toddlers

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Step away from the blender. There are now healthy baby food companies who deliver to your door. Forget peeling pumpkin while your partner watches Billions. Here are five fresh, healthy baby food businesses in the UK to keep your eye on. 


“Superfood for tiny people” is how founder Jade Ireland describes her organic baby and toddler food. The range, all in glass jars or bottles, includes baby smoothies, almond and flax oatmeal porridge, and sweet potato brownie bites – yum! “Currently we cater from seven months, but we are developing the range and expanding to 12 products.”

Instagram: @bellotababy

Wild Child Kitchen

I have been salivating over Wild Child Kitchen’s Instagram account for some time, and even more so when I started thinking about healthy food delivery for babies and toddlers – and when I sampled their wild cod and sweet potato curry (sorry Ajax, Mummy was hungry), it didn’t disappoint. With delicious gluten- and dairy-free meal options, including organic lamb and sultana meatballs, you could keep your child well-fed on different meals for a week.

Founder Natasha says: “We are planning to add some purées (smooth and chunky) over the summer. We do currently provide purées on request from some customers – but this is just done on a bespoke basis at the moment.”

Instagram: @WildChildKitchen

Little Pickle Pots


Wild Salmon or grass-fed lamb delivered in recyclable card pots… Little Pickle Pots is a dream for busy mothers. The range was created by three mums in South West London:

“Suddenly we were heading back to work and on the days we weren’t working, we couldn’t now keep our babies entertained long enough to actually peel a carrot. So, cooking ended up being a chore to be done at the end of the day, when all we really want to do is relax and unwind.”

Although the range is limited to delivery in south-west London, Bailey and the team hope to have expanded to most of London by the end of this year.

Instagram: @Littlepicklepots

Piccolo Plates

I just love how many vegetables Piccolo Plates manage to cram into their dishes. Take their delicious cottage pie, topped with celeriac, cauliflower and potato mash. A serious lesson in elevating nursery food. Co-founder Eleanor says: “All of our dishes are recommended for children aged 18 months. All of our dairy products are organic. The meat and chicken are free-range, and vegetables are locally- and seasonally-sourced where possible.”

Instagram: @piccoloplates

Albert Eats

Vegan baby food from 6 months plus, Albert Eats will be hitting the streets of East London next month. Founder Sarah worked closely with nutritionists to develop her range, which is Soil Association certified organic. “In phase two of the plan, I’d like to introduce meat and fish – and yes, seasonal, wild and 100% organic only for us.”

Laura Bond is a Nutritionist (DipION) and published author. She works with men, women and children to help them achieve optimum health through food, supplements and lifestyle medicine. She has a special interest in reducing environmental toxins – like plastics, synthetic perfumes and electrosmog – to boost our health and heal the planet. To arrange a free 15 minute consultation, or to find out more contact [email protected] 

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