This humble – and affordable – superfood is packed with vitamins and minerals that nourish both mother and child.

Place the whole chicken – with the skin on- in a pot and cover it with water and the vinegar. The vinegar helps draw the minerals from the bones into the stock. Bring the water to a low boil and let it simmer for an hour. Turn off the heat.

When the chicken cools, remove the cooked meat (I put the meat in a separate pyrex container and use it for lunches adding it to soups or wraps) Leave the carcass, neck and skin in the broth.

Add the onions and bring the broth mixture back to a soft boil under low heat. Keep at this temperature for 3-10 hours (If you want to pop out for lunch for an hour, simply turn off the heat then resume cooking when you return).

Once the stock is ready, simply place a sieve over a large glass bowl and then pour the broth mixture through. Discard the chicken carcass and onions. The broth will last in the fridge for approximately 5 days or you can freeze half for later use.

My favourite way to enjoy the broth is to fry some garlic and shiitake mushrooms, pour in a cup of the broth and cooked chicken flesh then throw in some spinach and peas for one minute. See picture.